The Liberal Democrats are STILL the only party with a plan for Britain


If you were hoping for a clear and sensible plan for Brexit Britain from Theresa May youíll be disappointed Theresa May’s 12 point speech contained no plan for Britain.

The one thing we did learn is the Conservatives have ditched their 2015 manifesto promise to stay in the Single Market and have now decided to take Britain out whatever the cost.

It’s clear the government has no idea of how to move forward and no opposition from Labour, who are also backing Brexit.

Many local people are choosing to back the Liberal Democrats because they have a positive plan for Britain and are the only party united in delivering an open and tolerant Britain.

The Liberal Democrats positive plan for Brexit Britain 

We will fight to keep the UK in the single market. 
We will give the public not just MPs the final say on a Brexit deal. 

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron says, ìI think even people who disagree with us will respect the fact we are standing by what we believe.î

And for the many millions of people who agree with us, my message to them is: join us

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