Following the air strikes on Syria Vince Cable made the following statement.

Riding the coattails of an erratic US President is no substitute for a mandate from the House of Commons.

The Prime Minister could and should have recalled Parliament this week and sought the approval of MPs before proceeding.

Liberal Democrats stood ready to assess the evidence and objectives for any action and if it were properly planned and justified, to support a military response.

At this moment our thoughts are with British and allied troops. But the Government’s decision fatally undermines the integrity of this mission.

It shows a weak Government putting short-term political expediency before democracy and in so doing further diminishing the standing of Britain in the world.

I would add.

At no time since the second world war has world peace been under greater threat. This is a time when we should be working with partners to find a peaceful solution. Instead our divided minority government is pushing down the Brexit path which will only weaken our security and divide us from our natural friends. In the interest of the UK this process should be put on hold now.

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