Most recent planning applications in the ward have been minor, mainly extensions.


Three stand out

Houses at the back of Heathcote Road. There was considerable opposition to this. We did at least get the number of houses reduced. However with the Borough Council’s lack of housing sites this was a difficult one to fight.


Wind Turbine near Heighley. This was passed with considerable conditions.


Work at Doddlespool. Again this was passed, but the conditions imposed have cut out the excessive tipping that was being carried out here. We are disappointed that the Environment Agency did not action, but we are grateful to the County Council for their advice on this one.



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Apedale’s New Visitor Centre

You may have been wondering what the strange new building is that has been under construction for most of this year.  Well, it is the Apedale Energy Station.

 This new Visitor Centre/Energy Station has been built to the highest standards of insulation to achieve the lowest possible running costs.  Two small wind turbines (that are now up and running as you will have seen) will provide all of the electricity needed by the building, including the power to heat it, using a ground source heat pump.  A ground source heat pump is rather like a refrigerator running backwards, it extracts heat from the surrounding ground and delivers it to the building.  The hot water requirement will be met by roof-mounted solar panels.

The distinctive kite-shaped roof is a reminder of the annual kite festival.  This is made of recycled aluminium, while sustainable-grown timber makes up the frame of the building.  Everything about it reflects the County Council’s wish to provide the best possible visitor centre of the the local community, reflecting the contribution that local people made in the past to keeping Staffordshire supplied with energy.

 As well as being a visitor centre for the park the building will be the home to the Ranger Service and the Newcastle Countryside Project.  The building is due to open in the spring when you will be very welcome to call and look round, and I am sure any questions you may have can be answered.

County Councillor Dylis Cornes

Parish Council to maintain Minnie Pit memorial area

andrew-david-011.JPGAt the last meeting of Audley Rural Parish Council (18/11/10), Parish Councillor Trevor Sproston asked if the PC would now ensure that the grass cutting of this area be added to the PC’s grass cutting programme. This was agreed. The trees will also be looked after.

A concerned Halmer End resident contacted Andrew Wemyss to see if he could get something done to tidy this site. Andrew got the grass cut (within 1 day!),and Trevor ensured this will continue. Your Councillors working together-getting results.

Cllr Andrew Wemyss/Parish Cllr Trevor Sproston

Telephone Box, Scot Hay – update

After contacting BT several times asking for the traditional red telephone box in Scot Hay (one of the few remaining in the borough) to be repainted, BT has finally written back stating that this will be done. Hooray!

A lovely item of British history is finally getting looked after by it’s owner. We campaigned,and won, to keep the box in situ, now it’s nice to see it back in all it’s glory.

Thank you BT.

Andrew Wemyss