Recovering from an operation I have been unable to attend any hustings, but have followed the action on the internet.

We need a leader with:

A good in depth grasp of the issues

Ability to inspire

Ability to encourage the media to take an interest

Develop the party to ensure we hold on to the majority of those who have recently surged to us

Ability to stand up to Boris and Jeremy.

A team player

The hustings have not challenged either of them. Andrew Rawnsley summed it up in the Observer this Sunday:“Ed and Jo are good at telling Lib Dems what Lib Dems like to hear. That is necessary to win this contest, but it isn’t sufficient to be a truly effective leader” 

Our Constituency Chair went to the West Midlands Hustings, one of his comments:””Whilst Jo gave a good general impressions of what need to be done, but no clue as to how.”
Neither stands as a great leader, but they both have strong points
Jo is a good media performer (So was Tim)Ed is a sound pair of hands (So was Vince)
Having seen Tim fail I am worried about a good media performer who lacks gravitas.I am also worried about a sound pair of hands who lacks the ability to inspire.
We need a leader who can stand up to Boris and Jeremy, that means holding your corner, fighting back and having a very sound grasp of your case.
The only time I have seen them challenged was on the Victoria Derbyshire Programme. Victoria had a go, mainly at Ed. He stood up to her and would not let her shout him down. We have not seen that in the Hustings, they have been to nice. (Makes a change from the nasty Tory Party)

Attracted as I am by a good media performer, and tempted to ensure the party shows equality, as I consider all the issues I have come to the view that Ed has the best chance of making a promising Leader.

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