GARDEN BRIDGE         £43 Million wasted

WATER CANNON        Purchased but illegal to use

BORIS BUS      Expensive, no other operator would touch them, Manufacturer went bust 

THAMES ESTUARY AIRPORT                      Idea that did not Fly

BREXIT ADVERTS         Preparing for Oct 31st, did not happen, £100M wasted

UNDERGROUND TICKET OFFICES. Pledge not to close any, he closed the lot

IRAN           He made things worse for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, held in Iran

BROKE LAW                By shutting Parliament down

LOSER                          Lost ten votes in the House of Commons


£350M a week for NHS if we leave the EU. Not a word of truth

Negotiating a trade deal with the EU will be easy. Not a word of truth

Would lie down in front of bulldozers to stop Heathrow expansion. Made sure he was away when vote taken in House of Commons 

Stop rough sleeping in London. Rose by 130% during his term as Mayor

1000 extra police during his time as Mayor. No increase in police numbers

Negotiate a no strike deal for the London Tube. Would not meet union officers during his term

Would bring LT fares down. 2/3rd increase during his term as Mayor

I will not allow the congestion charge to rise above £8. It rose to £11.50 during his term of office.

Will not close fire stations or remove appliances Ten fire stations closed and 27 engines removed

Not to have a border between the mainland and Northern Island, then created one

To leave the EU by October 31st. Failed

To run as a One Nation Tory. Many One Nation Tory MPS have walked.

To bring the Tory Party back together when elected leader. 21 MPs fired, 3 joined the Lib Dems and 25 are leaving.


GET BREXIT DONE NOW         Negotiations will drag on for years and years

NHS NOT FOR SALE TO USA   Trump is in charge, UK the minnow partner

MILLIONS TO BE SPENT          With a poor deal Brexit the money will not be there

ON SERVICES                           (This is a repeat of Labour’s Magic Money tree)

His use of intemperate Language to describe his opponents has fuelled the hatred around today.

I suggest this man is not fit to be PM of this great country

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