The Liberal Democrats let the EU Remainers down, right from the 2016 Referendum.

On Nick Clegg’s recommendation the architect of our disastrous  2015 election campaign was appointed as chief of strategy for the remain campaign. The result was entirely predictable.

The party then spent four years in the wilderness. A steady, but uninspiring, leadership  from Vince and hard work from our local government activists saw the party slowly improve its position.

In the 2019 Euro Elections the Remainers put their faith in the Lib Dems, only to be let down again at the General Election. This time a combination of a terrible campaign, inexperienced and badly advised leadership, fear of Corbyn and First Past the Post ensured that faith in the Lib Dems was once again misplaced. Not all our fault, but with a good campaign and steady leadership we should have made 50 seats, and the picture today would have been different.

The next challenge is more critical than Brexit. It is not our future in Europe at stake it is the future of the planet. The youth have shown that they are concerned about Climate Change, but what about the political parties. In the UK the Green Party with their Green New Deal are ahead, the Lib Dems are not far behind and Labour is pushing us. The Tories are way behind, leave it to them and our Grandchildren are in for a very rough deal. On Housing and Transport they have little to say, and on Industrial Strategy nothing.

We must not let the public down again.

Ignore the calls that there are no votes in Green Policies. Australia is on fire; the BBC are about to launch a series of programmes on Climate Change and our current wet weather will wreck our food supply. The Public will start to wake up, we need to provide a home.

We need in this country a Green New Deal Campaign, cross party. We should be talking with the Green Party to produce one, we are not far apart. If Long Bailey does not win the Labour Election we might be able to bring Labour in. If she wins we could provide a home for the refugees. We are years off a General Election so at this stage we do not have to worry about guidelines for standing in individual seats.

One of our policies is to avoid trade deals with countries that have policies counter to the Paris Agreement. To do a trade deal with Trump’s USA would be an environmental crime, and we need to be saying so now.

For a start take Stop Brexit off our web site and replace with Stop Climate Change. 

We need to be part of a mass political movement that will tackle climate change.

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