At the foot of Heathcote Road in Miles Green is one of the remaining Staffordshire Oatcake Bakers. The Staffordshire Oatcake is reputed to have been brought back to the UK by soldiers returning from India attempting to reproduce the Chapatti. It resembles a soft pancake and is made from oatmeal following closely guarded secret recipes. It was popular with miners and potters, eaten hot at breakfast and cold as part of the midday snapping. It is usually contains a savory filling, cheese and/or bacon are popular. A close relative, also found in Oatcake shops, is the Pikelet, thicker and filled with currents. 

The Staffordshire Oatcake is mainly confined to North Staffordshire plus a few outlets in Cheshire, Derbyshire and North Wales where the potter traditionally went on holiday. Rumor has it that there is an outlet somewhere in South West Wales, but I have no confirmation.

Betley residents need not travel to Miles Green to appreciate this local delicacy as the Betley Village Shop takes delivery of Oatcakes and Pikelets from Miles Green on a Friday.


The Royal Mail management at Warrington have not responded to my letter of 31st October.

Whilst the situation has improved we are not there yet. The residents of Betley, Balterley and Wrinehill deserve an apology and an explanation.

I have therefore escalated the issue to Mark Higson, Managing Director of Royal Mail Letters in London. 


Representing a ward with two centres I alternate my attendance at local remembrance services. This year it was the turn of the Methodist Chapel at Halmer End and then to the Cenotaph at Alsagers Bank. We remembered 47 who fell in the great war, but there was a far more poignant memory at that chapel. It contains the memorial to the 155 who died at the Minnie Pit in January 1918 whilst mining coal for the war effort. Three times as many died at Minnie as died in the war. It is difficult to comprehend the effect that would have had on the community.


The partnership between the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives is continuing for a further year. Liberal Democrat Cabinet Members are in the driving seat for many of this councils improved services including:

           Street Cleaning and Recycling  

           Potfolio Holder Cllr David Becket

           New Cemetery, New Leisure Centre           

           Portfolio Holder Cllr Wenslie Naylon

           Improved Planning and Housing Services         

           Portfolio Holder and Deputy Leader of the Council Cllr Dr Robin Studd

We have already improved efficiency and cut costs whilst enhancing services. We will continue to provide the most effective front line services possible in the current climate.


The Borough Council has approved (on 27th October 2010) the appointment of John Sellgren to the post of Chief Executive of the Borough of Newcastle under Lyme.

John is currently the Director of Strategy and Partnerships at Hertfordshire County Council.

John will commence work in Newcastle on January 4th 2011.