Newcastle under Lyme were declared Local Authority of the year at the annual waste trade show in Torquay on 8th June. In the category the organisers were looking for a local authority who had developed and implemented a successful waste and recycling strategy that demonstrates an increase in recycling uptake and innovation in the way waste is processed.

They were particularly impressed with our increase in recycling rate, our food waste service and the rolling out of a schools programme to encourage school children to recycle at school as well as at home.

Our thanks are due to our staff and the residents of Newcastle under Lyme


The Borough Council will be led by the continued partnership between Liberal Democrats and Conservatives. The cabinet will contain 3 members from each party as in previous years.

After five years running the high profile and successful Environment and Recycling portfolio David decided it was time to withdraw from Cabinet.

On May 18th David was elected to serve as Deputy Mayor for the Borough of Newcastle Under Lyme for the year 2011 – 2012. David’s wife, Dr Anne Becket, will take the position of Deputy Mayoress.


The election has left Newcastle again with no overall control. Labour are now the largest party, but cannot from an administration that commands a majority on the Council.

Negotiations are in hand between the parties to determine the political structure for next year, and then the cabinet and committee places. The situation should be clear by May 18th, when we have the annual general meeting of the council.


The following information has been supplied by our food waste processor.

Estimated electricity generated from NULBC food waste: 1,496,486.30 kWh from 3,867 tonnes of kitchen household and catering food waste

Total equivalent CO2 savings:  7,263.13 tonnes

Estimated equivalent CO2 savings from generation of electricity from NULBC food waste: 21,242.09 tonnes

 Well done to all residents


This site aims to provide information for Halmer End Ward. It contains links to many other sites, including Borough Council Planning Applications, Recycling Information, School Term Dates, Time Tables, Local Councils, Local Organisations and Schools. If you are aware of a local site which this site should link to please let me know.

It will contain regular local news items from Councillors David Becket, Andrew Wemyss and Dylis Cornes. We are always available to discuss issues with you, our electorate.

There may be positive political messages on this site, particularly at election time. However the site will not attack other political parties and our blogging will not degenerate into the angry and illiterate comments seen so often on the web. Any comments of this nature will be removed.

The Reflections Category covers various aspects of life in the ward as seen by your local councillors.

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I have said that this site will not attack other parties, and even in an election period I am ignoring the negative literature being put out by the Labour party.

However as portfolio holder for recycling I must warn you of one commitment that is appearing in Labour leaflets.

That is their commitment to change the current recycling scheme, this is a dangerous commitment and one they could not afford.

The present scheme is the most cost effective we could introduce. It is cheaper than any other tender, including tenders for other systems. Because of the kerbside sort there is less contamination of material, and as a result the value is higher, which reduces our costs. The present system cost less than the inefficient one inherited from Labour.

To change this award winning system now would involve considerable expense.

The capital cost would be of the order of £2Million.

Vehicles would need to be replaced, and existing vehicles written off. Contracts would be broken, with penalty clauses incurred. 60,000 wheeled bins would be required, and existing containers written off. Government and WRAP grants would need to be repaid. A new communications programme would be required.

As far as revenue is concerned the value of the material would drop, leading to decreased income. Unless the ground breaking food waste service was withdrawn, with food being collected fortnightly in the grey bin, total annual costs could rise by as much as £500,000.

As portfolio holder for Recycling I cannot understand why they have chosen this moment, when we have just achieved a national award, to turn against a system they initially supported. I can only assume they are trying to make a cheap political point with a promise they can never keep.